About Me

My name is Graeme Brown. I've spent the last 15 years on the pro-circuit based out of Europe in Italy and Belgium. I've raced in Grand Tours, at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games and I've competed in countless international races. Through this I've gained insight into how races are won and lost.

I am currently based in Perth, where I am working with riders of all abilities, assisting them to reach their peak performance. My years of experience in the pro peloton and on the track uniquely position me to guide them to reaching this goal.

Coaching services


After 34 years of racing every weekend and the past 15 years as a professional it is now time to pass on my knowledge that only racing can give. The nitty gritty of racing.

Bike Fit

I provide a bike fitting service with a keen eye after watching the best in the business race for 15 years. Using a bike fitting system and my professional eye we can whip you into shape in no time.


I am an accredited strength and conditioning coach and have spent many hours in the gym working on my weaknesses. 


Over many years of racing a bike through gaps that were just not there I have a skill set as good as anyone in the professional cycling peloton. This I endeavour to pass on to the aspiring cyclist.

What MY Riders think

Rebecca Mackey

I have been working with Graeme for six months and in that time I have found him to be an excellent coach. The training programs he provides me are challenging and interesting and always follows me up with great feedback, keeping me highly motivated and achieving my goals. The knowledge Graeme has around training and racing is second to none and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a coach, to consider using Graeme!!

Chris Singleton

I've worked with Graeme for some time now and have been impressed with his understanding and empathy with regard my cycling goals and his ability to deliver a comprehensive thought out program that facilitates a clear path for me to meet them.
Under Graeme's guidance every aspect of my cycling experience has been honed, be it race craft or learning to just enjoy my riding, and I believe his feedback is without peer in coaching.

Jackson Mawby

It has been my pleasure to work with Graeme Brown for the last two years. He's the ultimate professional and gives me confidence that I'm training with the best in the world.  His programmes are very thorough, combining gym and road to produce some awesome results.  My 5 minute power increased 8% over a 4 week period prior to a 6 week block of racing in Belgium.  There are very few who can offer the same level of advice, and I'm confident my training matches the best in the business.

Contact Me

To get in contact with me you can use the form or call me on +61414995217

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